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Hi there

By now you should pretty much know I am a supermarket fanatic and I just lovvveeeee supermarkets and wet markets, and every country I go, if time permits, I will make my way to there. And if I am in Japan, my must go destination always include Tsukiji wet market. 🙂

Tsukiji must do

I always start off with some really good sushi there, I know, this sushi looks so pretty right!!??  After sushi at the Tsukiji inner market, I will move on to the outer market where all the real actions for me start. 🙂

Tsukiji must do

Take note of one thing, you need to take the train to the Tsukijishijo station and not Tsukiji station if you want to go to the wet market, it is just only a short 5 mins walk from there.

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Hi there

I love my oyster, and my favourite oyster is definitely from either NZ or Japan. NZ is because the fresh after taste while for Japan will definitely because of the rich creamy flavour.

fresh oyster from tsukiji

If you do visit Tsukiji, I will recommend you to try out buying some fresh oyster from there, and slurp it there on the spot too. In the wet market itself, you can find seafood stores selling oyster, and you pay either 300 yen / 400 yen / 700 yen / 1000 yen for different oyster from different parts of Japan.

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Hi there

Whenever I am in Japan, I will make it a point to go to Tsukiji to eat Sushi and also walk around the wet market to do some shopping. 🙂


I also like to get the stewed seafood like scallops, shishamo, tuna and clams as souvenirs to my relatives and friends. In japanese it is called Tsukudani which is stewed seafood like small fishes or clams in soya sauce and mirin and sugar.

japanese stewed preserved seafood


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Hi there,

Do you like seaweed? I find it a very versatile ingredient to many dishes. Be it to make appetizer, cook in miso soup, make it as a salad, or for stir fry dishes. The recipes are endless.

But in this post, I would like to introduce another kind of seaweed that can be found in Okinawa Japan, and you might want to try it out in Okinawa restaurants in Singapore.

Umibudo seaweed which is also called Japanese Sea Grapes, or some may called “green caviar” is a kind of seaweed that can be found in deep Okinawa seawater, what is so special is the texture and the look of it. It has tiny bubbles of seaweed that form one piece of umibudo.

Sea Grapes Rice Bowl

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